We are There Is No More! Studio

The Earth will not happen again. In There Is No More! Studio we create handmade unique pieces of environmentally friendly accessories. Ethically-made objects that prove that good fashion does not have to be mass-produced or being a part of unnecessary overproduction.

We believe that every day we can make the right decision, and their common strength is a drop that drills the rock. We also believe that the world of ideas, in which we do not make mistakes is simply impossible, so instead of demanding everything from ourselves we want to start from some small things.

One of our little gestures is the redesigning of vintage garments – their careful selection and creative recycling. Thanks to this we know that by working on fabrics that have already been created, we all live a little bit better – that we can still deeply love fashion while living responsibly.

We transform old forgotten skirts into unique handbags and share with you the experience of this slow process. We are happy to present you the life cycles of second category clothes and their new beginning.

With love,
Kasia Stalicka & Anna Hora